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Bent Key Escape 

bent key escape room, Effingham IL 

Bent Key Escape Effingham IL 

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Enter | Solve | Escape 

Locked in a room with one way out, you must search for hidden compartments, secret passageways, and clues to plot your escape. It’s a hybrid scavenger hunt and puzzle game. The clock is ticking, so teamwork is essential. With varying themes, each escape room will present a different mystery that must be unraveled. BentKeyEscape 

Who should play?

Everyone can play the game! Bent Key Escape is an educational based business that teaches people how to think outside the box, and explore other ways of creative thinking.    


We book special appointments through the week for businesses.

* Gift Cards available in store.

Escape 1
stranger things_edited.jpg

Strange Things of Effingham

60 min

Strange things are happening in Effingham.  People are beginning to disappear.  Demogorgons are popping out of nowhere.  You have one hour to trap the mind flayer in the upside down before he finds you! 

4-12 people

Best Time:  31:00

Escape Rate: 51%

Escape Room 2

Andy's Bedroom

60 min

IMG-8724 (1).PNG



A toy has gone missing from Andy’s bedroom. There’s one suspicious neighbor the toys have in mind.  He has previously exploded toys and has threatened to explode the next toy in 1 hour. Your job is to defuse the dynamite to save the toy and return it to Andy’s room safely before it’s too late!

6-12 people

Best Time:  42:25

Escape Rate: 45%

Escape Room 3

The Game Room   

60 min

the game room website pic.webp

You find yourself trapped in the game room alongside your friends and family. You are on a mission to solve these classic games. You have one hour to beat the games before you are locked in the game room forever! 

4-10 people 

Best Time: 36:45
Escape Rate: 50%

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Bent Key Escape 

101 S Linden Street

Effingham, IL 62401

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